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We, Patrick and Hetty and our sons have lived and worked in China since 2002, taking care of special needs children in our home.

Now we feel called to a new phase in our ministry here and have had the opportunity to start a farm in the rural country-side of China.

For this farm project we could lease a large area for 25 year with permission of the local authorities to start up.


Once the farm is up and running, it is our vision to gradually transform it into what is known as a “care-farm”.

How to support and be partners in this project?

We need your prayers. If you want to become our prayer partner, please contact us.

We need volunteers. If you are considering working /or living abroad, we would like to offer you the opportunity to experience life in rural China for either a long or short period of time.

If this appeals to you, please contact us so we can provide you with more information. We offer room and board for our volunteers.

We need finances. As this is a faith based project, we welcome your support.

  • To buy grass seeds, and fencing materials
  • For the rotational grazing we need moveable fences, so the animals can go on new pastures every day.
  • To buy animals.
  • We would like to buy dairy cows and meat cows, pigs, and poultry.
  • To construct our house

Since we have no dwelling on the land yet, we have to travel to our land by car every day. We rent a home in our nearby small city, both of these are expenses we need to cover.

We would like to build our own house on the farm ground as soon as possible, not only to avoid these extra expenses, but so that we can better care for the land and the animals once we are set up.

We would like to build a barn and a house made of wood, since that is cheaper.

Bright Light Valley Barnhouse building fase 1
Bright Light Valley Barnhouse building fase 1
construction Barnhouse BLV fase 2

Please contact us  or signup to participate as a partner in this China project.

If you want to make a donation via bank transfer please go here or follow up when you choose the  option Offline Donation via Bank wire. 

Online donations can also be done via credit card or paypal

Help us and donate  to invest in this farming project.  Online donations will also be handled via Moved For All Nations

  1. Bright Light Valley Barnhouse building fase 1

    Farm House Building

    To start building at the farm ground we need your help. Now we have to travel 30-40 min by car in mountain area. And we rent a house in the nearby village. We want to build a wooden farmhouse and barn to start with. A house is build brick by brick or layer by layer. Can you help us by donating for wood and bricks to start? The first poles are set !
    € 20 donated
  2. Start Up – Farm project Bright Light Valley China

    We are looking for you as partners in this start up. What is our goal? To start a Care Farm in the rural parts of South China. While many young people are leaving the rural areas and leaving behind the elderly and socially and physically weak people, this project wants to bring Light for many by showing a different approach ! Farming according to the principles of God, with respect for people, livestock and environment. We also would like to give young "special need" people a chance to come and work on the farm in a protected environment. You can choose any amount as we face many challenges. First step is clearing the land , sowing new grass seed and put fences, so the animals can't break out. We have total of 70 acres !
    € 2.315 donated

Become Partner of Bright Light Valley Care Farm

We welcome and value you as partner in this Care Farming project. Please fill in your details and  create a good password. As partner you have access to more content and you can see your donation(s) in our campaign.